Little Women

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Reviews
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Even though I used to read lots of comics and fairy tales , in real sense the First book that got me hooked for life would be my all time favorite Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’. It was a hand down book for me. My cousin had received it as a gift on his 11th birthday and he had stashed it in the corner of his cupboard . After a few years when he went off to college to complete his B.E ,my uncle had his cupboard cleaned and found some books which were handed over to me( Ya my love for books was known to all). I must have been 9 years old at that time..I lost no time to start reading and I got so engrossed in to the world of books that I made my parents get me all the books written by Louisa Alcott in the next 15 days and I finished them all..This was how I got introduced in to the World of Classics..

Book Review:

This is a story which endears itself to every girl ,young or old who reads it. It represents the joys and the hazards of growing up through the eyes of the 4 protagonists namely Meg , Jo , Beth and little Amy. These sisters go through their everyday activities cheerfully during the American Civil War with the support of a caring and loving mother and the companionship of their neighbour Laurie. Its all about their attachments , their problems ,family crises and more importantly their love for one another..

My favorite among the sisters is Jo.. She is the man of the family.A tom boy who loves to read . Anything girly is repelled by her instantly. I always considered her as the heroine of the story and rightly so as it is her story that is carried forward in the sequels..
It will definitely cheer up the spirit of one who picks this book to read..

Happy reading..

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