The Man

Posted: May 23, 2009 in Reviews
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the man

The Man by Irving Wallace is my dad’s recommendation. The by line of the book said, ” You are cordially invited to the Impeachment Trial of America’s First Black President” I was hooked and by the end of the book,was totally floored.

This book published in 1964 , talked about a black president and also a impeachment trial . Looks as if Wallace prophesied future , because a impeachment trial was held for a president 35 years later but for nearly same reasons as depicted in the book..

In 1964 , writing about a black president in a fiction, brought about life threats to the author but today President Obama sits in the White house to prove that Wallace wasn’t entirely wrong about America having a black President..

The book is centred around a soft spoken ,well mannered Douglas Dillman who finds himself in the White House due to a series of accidents. Being the President comes with a price. A publicity shunning simple man finds that here, nothing is sacred.The buried skeletons of his past start appearing before him even as he is trying to get the grip of the situation he has landed into. His son who accuses him of being conservative and a run away daughter who is struggling with her own mental demons makes it a more trying task..To top it all,there is a impeachment trial at the heart of the story which makes for a wonderful climax .

Well written characters and a clear understanding of the government workings make this book a great read.

This book was burnt in some states when it was released but went on to become a NYT bestseller. A James Earl Jones movie was based on the book. A short movie though, compared to the size of the book 🙂

I would definitely recommend this book. Though big in size is still worth the time..

Happy reading..

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