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Movies And Books

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Movies

These days I am gobbling up books like anything..I have these off and on days when I feel the utmost need of reading . The great reviews on so many book blogs have made me pick up books lying on my bookshelf since long time now. One such book is The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar. I had it lying around for sometime now but on reading the review on Ramya’s blog I promptly picked it up and I am really happy that I did as it is turning out be a real winner..Won’t say more till I have completed it.

The other book that I have taken up is the Barbara Taylor Bradford epic ‘The Woman Of Substance’ .I wouldn’t have ventured to try it, had I not seen a trailer of the series which had been telecast as a 3 part TV series long time back .I stumbled upon it on YouTube. The thought of watching the series ,rather then reading the book crossed my mind but then again I knew, it wouldn’t be the same. I guess I took the right decision because this way I am able to imagine the characters as I read and understand them rather then having the directors version on watching them.I have had some bad experiences with books that have been televised. I had to reread the book just to get back my taste , which had been spoilt totally by the directors rather crude or insensitive view.

Here’s my list of Top 5 books that I loved watching in form of a movie or a TV series:

Gone With The Wind
Though the story was slightly different in the book, loved it for its magnificence and beauty.Characters were so well dramatised that I just fell in love with it all over again.Clark Gable just stole my heart away.

The Joy Luck Club
Simple story of 4 Chinese immigrant women and their daughters, who connect to each other on so many levels is retold in really simple yet heart touching way.

Schindler’s List
A personal favourite.Though not a comfort to watch..

Only Love
This Erich Segal book was made into a 2 part movie for Hallmark channel with Marisa Tomei and Rob Morrow. The story of 3 people whose lives take them through tests of love ,making us sit back and think what would you do to save the life of one you love.Would be ready to give up the relationship if that would save them? I cried like a baby on watching this.

Lord Of The Rings
Magnificient ….The visuals are simply out of this world and story simply fabulous..

This is my list do tell me yours..