Review : Geek High

Posted: June 7, 2009 in Reviews, Young Adult Book Challenge 2009

Last week was more of classics week for me rather than any other genre.Exhausted but not defeated I decided I needed a change. What better than Chick Lit.I headed to my sister’s bookshelf and on her recommendation I picked up Geek High by Piper Banks.

Now , I don’t read Chick Lit very often but whenever I have read it , its been a very pleasant experience.These feel good books are like Gods gift whenever you are travelling or just want to kill time.Small and satisfying.I must say I wasn’t disappointed by this book.Actually, I really liked it.

This is the story of Amanda Bloom aka Human Calculator who goes to a school for children with special talent i.e. geniuses .Her parents have divorced and she lives with her mom , writer of romantic novels. Even though Amanda is gifted with a very unique mathematical ability she has no interest whatsoever in it.She feels she isn’t as gifted as her fellow classmates and there is nothing special about her. Actually her real liking lies in writing and wants to be on the school literary committee and not the Math club of which she is the star candidate. A bizarre twist of events lands her on her father’s doorstep who lives with Amanda’s step mom Peyton aka Demon and step sister Hannah aka Demon spawn 🙂 Amanda has a school year is starting and is not ready to face so many changes at once after all she is just a teenager. Not to mention that she has been crushing on a guy who has no idea she exists.Amidst all this she finds herself being blackmailed in to Organising the yearly Snowflake Gala yearly school event . How Amanda deals with her life crises and learns about her real abilities forms the crux of the story.

Funny and smart account really cheered me up.So if you haven’t read it yet I think you better give it a try.I have heard that a sequel Geek Abroad has also been published .I might read it if I happen to find it.

This book can be purchased in paperback format here.

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