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Review : Man,Woman And Child

Posted: July 1, 2009 in Reviews

Book: Man, Woman, And Child
Author: Erich Segal
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 1993/04/01
Publisher: Bantam Books
Number of Pages: 224

From the book jacket :

From Eric Segal comes an unforgettable story of love….the drama of a father and the son he never knew… And a marriage that must stand the greatest test of all. “Man, Woman And Child. Bob and Sheila Beckwith had everything: rewarding careers, two wonderful daughters, and a perfect marriage… almost perfect. for what Sheila didn’t know was that Bob has once been unfaithful-only once, ten years ago during a business trip to France. What Bob didn’t know was that his brief affair produced a son. Now a tragic accident-and one fateful phone call-will change Bob and Sheila’s life forever…

My Views :

Erich Segal is one of my fav authors and never fails to impress me. This book of his, goes straight to my All Time Favorite list. If there is any author who knows how to bring out emotions and make you bawl like a baby then it is Segal.

Fidelity is something that is becoming a rare virtue in today’s fast pacing world. May be in the next century Infidelity might be in fashion. Who knows ! But this cannot be generalized. Nonetheless a strong marriage needs strong commitments from both partners. The vows taken if handled lightly can bring about catastrophes unimaginable. Now who needs to be reminded of Glenn Close – Micheal Douglas starer Fatal Attraction. 🙂 That’s where it may lead. Ok, I know that’s extreme but yet, infidelity can have effects , some really profound effects. That is what forms the crux of this novel.

Sheila Beckwith has a perfect family , a loving husband Bob , two beautiful daughters Jessica and Paula , a job she loves , what more can one ask for ? All this was until ,she got to know that her husband Bob had a brief affair with Nicole, a French doctor, when he had been to France on a business trip and Bob fathered a son , about whom he knew nothing until the day he received a phone call informing him of Nicole’s death. Now, Jean Claude is an orphan and the responsibility falls on Bob, to take care of him . Sheila reluctantly agrees to let him stay with her family and thus begins ,the couples new journey towards accepting one another for being not so perfect , a journey of accepting a new member in to their fold ,knowing very well that he is the image of all that is threatening to break their marriage and family apart.

Characters are kept very real .It’s not a fairy tale. It’s a take on real incidents, real situations .That’s what I love about Erich Segal. The interactions among the children are endearing and certain moments in the book make us reflect on human weakness , those that are almost always avoidable but are committed nonetheless and regretted all life.A story of love,a story of forgiveness . It’s a story of acceptance.

It’s a good read. Totally recommended , though I needed a box of tissues for all the crying I did.