Friday Finds- July 10

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Weekly Events

MizB at Should Be Reading hosts this fun meme. So what are your picks this week? Did you find any book that you would want to add to your TBR? If yes , then join in ..

From The Book Cover :

She has a gift of unspeakable power. . . . He must control her or destroy her. . . . For as long as she can remember, successful young physician Megan Blair has tried to silence the voices in her head—voices that bring her to the edge of madness and terror. Megan possesses psychic powers that have been dormant for years, hidden deep in the past she’s tried so desperately to forget. But now everything has come to a boiling point—someone is trying to kill her, and others are trying to use her, including the deadly and seductive Neal Grady. Shocking secrets about her life and her mother’s death bombard her as she fights to take control of her heritage and save herself and everything she believes in. Grady holds the key to understanding her future, a future in which Megan’s life will never be the same. If she survives to have a future. A fast-paced thrill ride, Pandora’s Daughter is Iris Johansen as you’ve never read her before.

From The Book Cover :

On a blazing hot day in late August 1914, twelve year old Mattie dances in the stream, spraying her little sister Evie with silvery showers of water. They have come here to cool off and to pick watercress for tea. They are unaware that their idyllic childhood in Suffolk is almost at an end, for as their mother says, ‘all the world’s gone mad…’ The girls will grow up to lead very different lives. Mattie is destined to travel far from home and to found a dynasty of strong-minded women like herself. Evie, in the role of family carer, still achieves a satisfying career. But will the two sisters be reunited and a secret resolved?

From The Book Cover :

Do fairytale dresses bring fairytale endings? Every dress has a history, so does Phoebe! Phoebe always dreamt of opening her own vintage dress shop. She imagined every detail, from the Vivienne Westwood bustiers hanging next to satin gowns, to sequined cupcake dresses adorning the walls. At the launch of Village Vintage, Phoebe feels the tingle of excitement as customers snap up the fairytale dresses. Her dream has come true, but a secret from her past is casting a shadow over her new venture. Then one day she meets Therese, an elderly Frenchwoman with a collection to sell, apart from one piece that she won’t part with ! As Therese tells the story of the little blue coat, Phoebe feels a profound connection with her own life, one that will help her heal the pain of her past and allow her to love again.

These were my finds for the week. Tell me yours?

  1. avisannschild says:

    The Watercress Girls sounds interesting (although I was initially put off by its old-fashioned cover). Where did you hear about that one? I love the cover for A Vintage Affair!

  2. Jess says:

    I have had A Vintage Affair on my TBR list for awhile — just waiting for the library to get a copy. Thanks for reminding me about this great find! Have a great weekend.

  3. Shona says:

    Watercress Girls was mentioned to me by a friend who is a librarian.She found it during random browsing.

  4. Mishel says:

    I posted an Iris Johansen book for my WoW post this week. It's Storm Cycle that she wrote with her son. Your pick sounds really good. I haven't read her yet so I'll have to check this one out too =)

  5. gautami tripathy says:

    Iris Johansen is good.

    Here is my Friday Find

  6. avisannschild says:

    Thanks for answering my question, Shona!

  7. Literature Crazy says:

    A VINTAGE AFFAIR had an adorable cover. Thanks for pointing that one out.

  8. lisajordan says:

    A Vintage Affair sounds really interesting! Thanks for visiting!

  9. Veens says:

    🙂 Nice! So many to look forward to 🙂

  10. Shellie says:

    I have and Award for you. Its a Lemonade Award!
    Come and pick it up.

  11. chicklitreviews says:

    I've read A VINTAGE AFFAIR and loved it, a really great read.

  12. SusiSunshine says:

    Pandora's Daughter sounds really great.
    I’ve got a surprise for you at my Blog
    Have a nice weekend,

  13. Sheila (bookjourney) says:

    You have some great reads here. Looks like you have not been active for a bit. 🙂 Hope to see you blogging again soon!