Laziness at its best

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Uncategorized


I was bitten by challenge bug a few months back when I decided to participate in as many 6 challenges. I know it was a foolish act.I should have only taken up as many challenges as I could handle. Something inside told me to go ahead. I started off well but in between I lost the urge to read  the book  for sake of enjoying it rather I started reading it to just complete the challenge. Big mistake. I just couldn’t resist such great challenges.Then after sometime when I took a break and started reading again I just read without writing reviews for the books I completed. Result being a  pending posts for nearly 35 books.

On a happier note I have completed most of  my challenges but am lazy ( read supremely lazy ) to write the reviews.So here I am looking it a huge  pile of completed books which I have got to review and I am too lazy to type it all. ( Its a tough job you know)  You must be wondering how can anybody be so lazy . But then you haven’t met me 🙂

I know I will crib and whine for some time but I will get it all done and hopefully soon .

Lesson to be learnt : Take part in challenges that are perpetual , without a deadline. In that case you have a lifetime to write the review 🙂

Told you laziness at its best 😉

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