See Jane Date by Melissa Senate

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Reviews
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A Fancy Affair Bridal Salon

Forest Hills, Queens

“Did you know that one of your hips is higher than the other?” the seamstress asked me in a totally conversational tone.

“I didn’t,” I said. “I never knew that. But I’m glad you told me.”

The seamstress had the decency to look embarrassed. She ducked her head back down and continued pinning.Perhaps that had been the reason why Blind Dates One, Two and Three hadn’t been interested. It wasn’t the smoking, after all. It was my Hip Issue. And just my luck that Blind Date #4 was with a doctor, whose business it was to notice such deformities.

See Jane Date will speak to singles everywhere. At once warm and witty, this look into the life of 28-year-old assistant editor Jane Gregg, screams, “You are not alone!”

Case in point: See Jane . . .

– Endure two months of bridesmaid hell for her younger cousin’s wedding

– Brilliantly dodge being fixed up with Grammy’s next-door neighbor by fibbing that she, um, already has a boyfriend

– Date . . . like crazy to find one suitable guy to bring to said wedding

Okay, find one suitable guy to love. Was that so much to ask?



If a book can cheer you up and make you laugh and feel good at the end , it was totally worth the time you spent reading it . I loved the book from page 1. I was still laughing when I started this review 🙂

Jane is an assistant editor at Posh trying to make her way towards Associate Editor and in desperate need of a boyfriend because her YOUNGER cousin Dana is getting married and she doesn’t want to be pitied by her family and mocked at by Dana for attending the ceremony without a date.

To make the matters worse her school mate  Natasha (whom she absolutely hates ) is back in her life and Jane has been entrusted the job of editing the memoir that Natasha is writing , a tell-all about her affair with a hot shot movie star. She cannot let Natasha know how pathetic her life is and that she is just an Assistant Editor . But she can do something ? Yes ,of course. She can find a guy , make him her boyfriend and take him to the wedding. Seems easy huh? To do that, she has to date guys and survive the dates. So she dates and she dates and dates big time!!!

From one guy to another , while juggling her work pressures (read Natasha’s memoir ‘not yet started dont know when she will finish the first chapter memior’  ) and being there at her cousin’s pre-wedding events (which seem to be never ending) Jane does it all.To tell u the truth, I didn’t like Jane in the beginning. Not the typical chick lit heroine u connect to instantly or even think about fondly. She was cold, non self assured , distant but as the book progressed and I saw her emerge from her hilarious date sequences and got to know her better I started liking her and pitying her too.

Melissa Senate  brings out humour so well that I was really having a hard time keeping a straight face while reading it. A great take on the social life of a working woman and also today’s dating scene.

Give this book a try. It might surprise you. It surprised me:)

  1. Vasilly says:

    I love the cover of See Jane Date! Being single this sounds like a book that would be great to read. The fact that you were still laughing when you started to write the review, makes me put this on my TBR pile.

  2. Alyce says:

    This sounds like really fun chick lit! I’ll have to remember this one for when I need something lighthearted.

  3. Beth F says:

    I not really big on chick lit, but this does sound fun.

  4. let's Read says:

    Good review, I earlier read a good review of this book, so it really is good.

  5. let's Read says:

    sorry I forgot to say, “Let’s Read” is from me at “I Read”

  6. birdyshack says:

    This sounds like real fun! I am going to pick this up next 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the bookshelf and giving your valuable comments 🙂

  7. Veens says:

    You got my interest! I am sure i will keep an eye out for this one!

  8. Bookjourney says:

    This really sounds fantastic! I loved you review and I do love to laugh….. 🙂