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Ok, so what if  I took up another challenge ? Do I hear you laughing there ? ( talking to you Veens)  I just couldn’t resist. 🙂  I love YA books and I successfully completed this challenge in 2009 and I think I can very well finish this in 2010.So here I am signing up for Young Adult Book Challenge 2009 hosted by J.Kaye . This year some new guidelines have been made . We can sign up for one of the 4 levels.I am signing up for level 2.

Host : J.Kaye

Sign Up Page

My chosen Level : Just My Size YA Reading Challenge – Read 25 Young Adult novels ( Imight upgrade if I am able to read more than this )

My List :

(To be updated as and when I read for the challenge)







What are you waiting for ? Go ahead and join this challenge.

South Asian Author Challenge is being hosted by Swapna at S.Krishna’s Books.

This challenge is to encourage people to read books by South Asian Authors – South Asia being India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.  The books can be from any time period, contemporary or classic.

Duration Of The Challenge : January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010

My commitment level for the challenge would be 10 books. ( I do have a huge stack of books by South Asian Authors , so Iguess I can pull it off 🙂 )

Book List – Here are a few books on top of my mind and I plan to update the list  as and when I read the books

1. Between The Assassinations by Aravind Adiga

2  Swami And Friends by R.K. Narayan

3  Mahashweta by Sudha Murthy

4  Water by Bapsi Sidhwa







I am really very excited about this challenge. Thanks to Swapna , now can reduce  quite a few books from my TBR pile  and read those authors whose books I have piled up but haven’t had a chance to read.

30018th19thwomwriterrc1My first Challenge for 2010 would be 18th & 19th Century Women Writers Reading Challenge hosted by Becky. Great way to read more classics .

Rules :

Read books written by women authors that were written and/or published between 1700 and 1900.

Minimum 2 books.

My selection ( as of now )

old fashinoed girl profesor

1.Professor by Charlotte Bronte published in 1857

2.Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott published in 1869



Plan to add a few more once the challenge starts.


Yet another Challenge. This time something more interesting. A to Z Challenge 2010 hosted by Becky.

The Challenge runs from Jan 1 2010 to 31 st Dec 2010 .

Rules :

Authors & Titles — Commit to reading 52 books

Choose the option that works best for you…

Authors — Read alphabetically by author. Commit to 26 books.

Titles — Read alphabetically by title. Commit to 26 books.

I am going to add my list as the challenge progresses. I had not participated in this challenge last year so I am really looking forward to this challenge. I am sure I will get to read many new authors  and some of my all time fav too.