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pinkseOk, I  have returned to reviewing books in my usual format now. It’s more fun this way :)Though I might occasionally go back to those quick reviews when I am too far behind in writing reviews. 😉

I love reading YA books , a habit I picked up after I started blogging ,even though I am well past the age for YA .Its a pleasant change as a spacer when I am reading classics or some heavy-duty textual stuff . I had this book with me for quite some time now but it was never picked up but when I finally got to it last month ,I finished it straight in one reading.

Secrets Of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita revolves around teen actress Kaitlin who feels that she deserves a chance to see how a normal teenager lives. With the help of her friend Liz Mendes she transforms herself into this totally non glamorous looking British girl and joins Liz’s school. But wait ,it can’t be all that easy. Not the least when you are a major Hollywood celebrity and have rivals who can do anything to spread a wily bit of rumour to shatter your career.

The best part of this book is Kaitlin Burke herself. She comes out as an adorable teenage girl, who loves Star Wars enough to fill her room with memorabilia of the movie but star enough never to reveal it in public ( she is the teen of the year after all !)

Her nemesis Skylar is another character you will enjoy reading about though not in a like able way. She is a total opposite of Kaitlin and can go to any extent to dethrone Kaitlin. Its been a rivalry she has carried on since their first day on the sets of their prime time soap opera Family Affairs ,where both girls play sisters.

Though the other characters like that of her parents are not that well detailed ,it never hampers the story. It is a right mixture of glamour , fun and innocent romance that makes it such a great read. I will have to pick up the sequel to see what happens next.

If you looking for a book to cheer you up and bring a smile on your face ,grab this one.

My Rating : 4 out of 5