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If you don’t understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.  ~Linda Sunshine

True , isn’t it. This is exactly how Courtney feels for her two elder sisters. Norah and Raine  are her older sisters who don’t see each other eye to eye . It been six years since they even saw each other. Now , when Courtney’s longtime boyfriend Lucas proposes to her , she feels the need to have the Cassel family rounded up for her engagement party.She wants to share her joy with her entire family including the prodigal daughter Raine who ruined Norah’s wedding , created a scene and made a decision that changed Courtney’s life for ever. Having them both together  under one roof will be a Herculean task but Courtney knows if she doesn’t try may be they will always be the dysfunctional family she has known all her life. Also may be she needs to get answers for a few questions of her own..

Being the youngest Courtney,  idolizes one ,while she respects the other but she knows bringing them together  is calling for a disaster. Also while taking this step ,she will let open a door to past that has the chance of sucking in her  entire present and wonderful future she has dreamt with Luke into a black hole. Is she ready for it ?

I loved the story. When I say I loved it . I mean it was absolutely great , wonderful, witty , charming , funny , frustratingly  unputdownable (is that a word ? ). Every one of has a known a Norah in our lives , obsessive , bossy , ‘I am always right’ kind,who is caring enough but makes sure you know that she is the one in charge. I can’t say we all would have a Raine among us because she was something different. She kept me guessing all through the book. She is the spontaneous kind.

Courtney’s the best written character in the book , she is an artist , a cello player with a great life and a  wonderful fiancé , but when she decides to invite her sister Raine , her  life starts to crumple in front of her  and if she doesn’t stand up for what she feels is right , she might lose more than she imagined . Megan Crane has written her so well that she comes out completely genuine even with  all her faults and silly mistakes she does along the way.

A book that needs to be read by all those who have a sister just to go back to that phase when you absolutely loathed each other and also by those who don’t have a sister , so that you know how it feels to have one 🙂

Highly Recommended

My Rating 5 out of 5