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Book Club Pick

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Book Club

My book club has picked Enchantress Of Florence by Salman Rushdie as this month’s reading selection. This my second time  reading this book but I think this time I will try to read it a little slowly so that I don’t miss out on anything. First time round the book didn’t impress me much but it has happened before that second readings have changed my opinion about certain books. So wishing and hoping.  🙂

The Enchantress of Florence is the story of a woman attempting to command her own destiny in a man’s world. It is the story of two cities, unknown to each other, at the height of their powers–the hedonistic Mughal capital, in which the brilliant Akbar the Great wrestles daily with questions of belief, desire, and the treachery of his sons, and the equally sensual city of Florence during the High Renaissance, where Niccolò Machiavelli takes a starring role as he learns, the hard way, about the true brutality of power.

Vivid, gripping, irreverent, bawdy, profoundly moving, and completely absorbing, The Enchantress of Florence is a dazzling book full of wonders by one of the world’s most important living writers.

Have you ever read books which seemed better on second readings ?