Rory Gilmore Books Project


Gilmore Girls was  one of my favorite TV series . It was   intelligent and funny . Rory Gilmore , made it more enjoyable because she had an obsession for anything literary. Each episode had books( how many TV shows have books ? Not many 🙂 ). Books that she read at home, in school and during travel. Her choice in books was really  classy . It included classics , poetry, chick lit, modern literature , mystery , middle grade books , politics and much more.Some of these I have always wanted to read.After searching a lot on the web I came across this Rory Gilmore Book Club page where all the books ever discussed on the show are listed. I am not sure if this the complete list but , it is a good start. I am turning this into a personal project of reading these books. At my own pace 🙂

There is a compiled  episode wise list  to know which book  was read in which particular episode and other one created by me excluding the repeated ones.

The second  list  is to track the progress of my reading. You too can join along if you wish. Please leave me  a comment so that I know who else wishes to participate in this project.

The Project Reading List is a  Google Spreadsheet .( You don’t need a google account to view it)